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• Social Role Valorization (SRV)

• Deviancy-Making

• You've Got to be Carefully Taught (song by Rodgers & Hammerstein, from South Pacific)

• Wound-Striking

• General SRV News

• Passage from 1988 annual report (June 1988) Office of the Commissioner for the Aging of the State of South Australia

• Pedagogic Verisimilitude Issues

• Other SRV-Relevant Program Practices of Human Services

• A Model SRV Tradition at an Institution

• We Knew Those Nuts Were Really Clowns

• Homes & Homes

• "Shiney doors..." (Poem by Barbara Fisher, Community Currents, Winter 1987, p. 1)

• Expectancies & Social Roles: An Intimate Relationship

• Pygmalion in the Classroom

• Sources & Construction of Social Roles

• A German SRV Joke

• The Construction of Positive Social Roles

• The Construction of Negative Social Roles

• Role Expectancy Power, by Ray Lemay

• The Relevance & Power of Social Imagery

• Personal Appearance

• The Images of Service-Related Names

• Oid Man Out?

• OlD Must Be In

• WW II POWs Are Getting Old and Incontinent

• Miscellaneous Human Service News

• Miscellaneous News



TIPS, Volume 08, No. 6, 1989

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