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• The Deathmaking Scene

• Societal Deathmaking as the Backdrop to More Specific Types of Killing

• Privatization of Deathmaking

• Deathmaking via Surrogate Decision-Making

• Pre-Birth Deathmaking

• More Utilitarianism

• Perinatal Deathmaking

• Making Dead the Children

• Disdain for Child Health & Safety

• Sexual Exploitation of Children

• "Euthanasia"

• The Slippery Slope is Alive, "Well," & Slippery

• Official/Legitimized Medical "Euthanasia"

• Free-Lance "Euthanasia" by Medical Care Personnel

• Private "Euthanasia"

• Suicide, & Its Promotion

• Deathmaking via Low Quality Practices or Abuse in Human Services

• Iron Stomach?

• The Deceptions Surrounding Deathmaking

• Mass Killing of Polish Jews Raises Moral, Ethical Questions

• Report of a case occurring at Johns Hopkins Hospital made into film "Who Shall Survive"

• PERVERSION ALERT #10 (One of the major hidden purposes in death education cultus.)

• Miscellaneous Human Service-Related News

• Emendation

• Resources

• US Election Time News

• Miscellaneous SRV News

• Sign of the Times: Our Drug Culture

• Other Signs of the Times

• Does This Mean the End is Near?



TIPS, Volume 08, No. 2, 1988

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