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• Signs of the Times

• Individualism

• The Externalism & Emptiness of the People of Modernism

• Materialism

• Attention Fat Cat Readers

• Sensualism

• Reductio ad Obscenitatem

• Sexual Obsession or Depravity

• Collapse of Family Structure & Family Values

• Child Verwahrlosung

• Look What Sex Education Can Accomplish!

• Sexual Abuse, Especially of Children

• Indians Screwed Yet Again

• Violence: The Trashing of People & Disdain for Human Life

• Reassurance

• Why Not a Sibling Mini-Trap Awareness Education Program?

• France United to Modern Omniculture

• Trashing the Earth & Its Resources

• Entitlement Mentalities

• Entitlement to Tallness

• Entitlement to Immortality

• The Contribution of Complexity to Disfunctionality of People, Social Structures, & Physical Systems & Things: Nothing Works Anymore

• A Royal Flush

• Funny Errors in Computer Generated Address

• More Imperial Pretensions Unmasked

• Dialogue Between the Little King & a Future-Forecaster (Wizard of Id cartoon, 25 Feb. 1990, SHA)

• Other Signs of Growing Inability of Structures to Cope

• Short-Term Long-Term Care

• The Nonnative Insanity of People Within Modernism

• As Others See Us

• Wish You Were Here

• Heaven Help Us, Because the Police Won't

• Disorientation in Time & Loss of Memory as One of the Signs of Normative Insanity

• The Decline in Personal Competency of Modernistic People

• Art Near the Endpoint of an Insane & Decadent Culture

• People Thrashing About Mindlessly for Answers & Solutions, & Ending Up Led by the Nose

• A High School Curriculum for Our Times

• Have Catalog Writing Ability, Will Publish What Sells

• More of the Same

• Events

• First World Congress on Citizen Advocacy

• 2 New Workshops Developed by II (Tragic Implosion of Hospital Medicine Due to its Humanly Unmanageable Complexity & Developments in the Field of Handicap, From Prior to the Reforms of the 1950s-705 Up to the Present, With Implications for the Future: What Has Gotten Better, What Has Gotten Worse, What is Still the Same, and What Lies Ahead)

• Resources

• Miscellaneous Human Service News




April/June, 1990

TIPS, Volume 09, No. 6, and Volume 10, No. 1, 1990

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