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• Imprisonment & Incarceration

• Judicial Killing

• Homelessness, Abject Poverty, Population Displacement, & the Welfare Helter Skelter Shelter System

• No Wonder They Got an Earthquake New York Earthquake Imminent

• Oppression, & the Widening Material & Mental Gulf Between Rich & Poor

• Let the Babies Drink Legal Services!

• PERVERSION ALERT #13 (Theft of private pensions of elderly people)

• Party With Abandon for the Abandoned

• Religion in Today's Society

• Yet Another New Religion for Our Time

• That Feel-Good Religion is Good Enough for Me

• The End is Near!

• The Interface of Human Service & Religion

• Sexually Transmitted Disease, & AIDS-Related Issues

• Sexually- Transmitted Diseases Generally

• AIDS: African Genesis?

• AIDS: The Haitian Connection

• The Natural History of AIDS

• New Forms of AIDS

• Data on HIV/AIDS Spread

• Female Susceptibility

• Other AIDS Transmission Risk Factors

• Bon Appetit

• Condoms for the Shins?

• Condoms for the Fists?

• AIDS as the Depopulator of Unwanted Classes

• Efforts to Treat, or Escape From, AIDS

• AIDS Expenditures

• The Web of Systematic Deception That Has Surrounded AIDS

• Stupid Quote of the Month ("... AIDS really is a different issue for women than it is for men...")

• An Interesting Epistemological Aside

• Deception via Displaced Forms of Address

• The Lies Must Not be Condomed

• Laugh Yourself to Death for Victims of AIDS

• No Sexual Discrimination at Playboy

• Deadly Deception at the Blood Bank

• Persecution & Oppression of People With AIDS

• Persecution & Oppression of People Without AIDS by the AIDS Lobby

• Caring for People With AIDS

• AIDS-Related Imagery Issues

• Some Dateline Facts About AIDS

• The Truth About AIDS (You Won't Catch It by Reading TIPS!)

• What Happens to Handicapped People Under Extreme Societal Stresses?

• A Hobo Song (Mortimer Street Catering Employment Office, from Nelson, Sternberg & Brindley)

• An Easy Essay (Slightly edited excerpts from Peter Maurin's Restoring the Moral Law, 1934)

• Resources

• Position Open

• War & Peace

• Some Hell of a Way to Missionize

• First World Congress on Citizen Advocacy

• The Good News of the Bad News

• A New Human Service Personnel Discipline

• Human Service News--Some of It Good

• PERVERSION ALERT #14 (Programs to train retarded people to get ready for retirement)

• Many Happy Returns of the Day

• The Perversion-Mongers Never Sleep




October/December, 1989

TIPS, Volume 09, No. 3 & 4, 1989

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