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• Psychoactive Drugs Administered Legally, Usually by Prescription

• Some Basic Facts & Data

• Hype, Lies & Mythology in Drug Promotion

• The Destruction of Children& Their Minds via Prescription Psychoactive Drugs

• The War Against the Elderly via Prescription Psychoactive Drugs

• The Clozapine (Clozaril) Craze in Schizophrenia

• The Prozac Craze in Depression

• The Clomipramine/ Anafranil Craze in Obsession/Compulsion

• Seizure Drugs

• Good News on the Seizure & Psychoactive Drug Front

• Other Horror Stories of Destructiveness of Psychoactive Drugs

• Weep for Psychiatry & Its Victims

• The Issue of Control Over Drugs & Client Self-Determination

• Miscellaneous New on Psychoactive Drugs

• PERVERSION ALERT #22 (Physicians scared of being sued for reverting to electric shock)

• Prescription Drugs That Are Not Prescribed for Psychoactive Effects

• Conclusion

• Another Modest Proposal

• Resources

• World War III

• Some Beneficiaries of the War

• The Costs of the War

• Deceptions & Detoxifications

• Miscellaneous War-Related Points

• The Works of Mercy ... The Works of War

• Miscellaneous Human Service News

• PERVERSION ALERT #23 (Imperial deception to declare institutionalized people officially discharged)



TIPS, Volume 10, No. 5, 1991

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