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• Deathmaking: The Construct of "Death Alliance"

• Deathmaking: Advocacy for & Against It

• Deathmaking Advocates

• Deathmaking Dupers vs. Dupes

• Flawed Opposition to Selected Forms of Deathmaking

• Other Opposition to Selected Forms of Deathmaking

• Deathmaking Advocacy Through the News or Entertainment Media

• Don't Throw Momma Off the Cliff!

• ...Nor Off the Train!

• ...And Don't Trample Her to Death

• Deception & Deathmaking Promotion

• PERVERSION ALERT #25 (Planned Parenthood possibly trying to infiltrate handicap area)

• The Promotion of Deathmaking of Elderly

• People A Relativistic Materialistic Utilitarianism as a Major Contemporary Motive for Deathmaking

• PERVERSION ALERT #26 (Lower medical insurance rates if sign "living will" & "advanceddirective")

• The Organ/Tissue Transplant Culture is Now Strongly Linked to Utilitarian Deathmaking

• General Background

• Modem-Day Grave Robbing?

• Killing Impaired Adults for Their Bodies or Parts

• Killing Impaired Babies for Their Body Parts

• Killing Healthy Adults for Their Body Parts

• Killing Healthy Children for Their Body Parts

• Exploiting Aborted Babies for the Sake of Their Body Parts

• Abortion for Other Utilitarian Reasons

• The Connection Between Deathmaking & Commercial Sex, Especially Prostitution & Pornography

• The Privatization of Many Kinds of Deathmaking

• Privatization of Infanticide & Other Child Killings

• Privatization of the Killing of Impaired Spouses

• Privatization of Medical "Euthanasia"

• Privatization of Women Killing Abusive Husbands or "Lovers"

• The Extension of Private Killings of Heterosexual Spouses/Lovers to the Killing of One's Homosexual Lovers

• The Link Between the "Animal Rights" Movement & the Deathmaking of Humans

• Interpreting Humans & Animals as Equal or the Same

• CAT Scans for Cats & Other Pets

• Deliberately Blurring the Distinction Between Humans & Animals

• Animals as Helpers or Friends in Lieu of Humans

• But Where Have Their Hands Been?

• Killing Impaired People as One Would Impaired Animals

• Interpreting Healthy Animals as More Valuable Than Devalued Humans

• Interpreting Impaired Animals as More Valuable Than Healthy Humans

• Interpreting Animals as More Valuable than Humans-Sick. Healthy, or Whatever

• Of Eagles, Beagles, Beadles, & Babies

• Approving Euthanasia for Humans but Not for Animals

• Concluding Comment on Deathmaking & Animal Rights

• Conclusion to the Special Section on Deathmaking

• Resources

• 2nd (1992) Edition of The New Genocide of Handicapped & Afflicted People

• A Guideline on Protecting the Health & Lives of Patients in Hospitals. Especially if the Patient is a Member of a Societally Devalued Class

• Other Deathmaking Resources

• Translations of TI Publications

• Signs of the Times

• Social Role Valorization

• Tongue...Term...Abbrevation


• Human Service News




February/April, 1992

TIPS, Volume 11, No. 5 & 6, 1992

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