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• Social Role Valorization (SRV)

• The Wounds of Devalued People

• The SRV Theme of the Power of Imitation & Modeling

• SRV-Related Special Olympics Imagery

• Human Service-Related Names, Mostly as Related to SRV

• Deathmaking-Imaged Service Names

• Animal-Imaged Service Names

• Menace- or Evil-Imaged Service Names

• Service Names That Image Clients as Burdens

• Illness-, Impairment- or Deviancy-Emphasizing Service Names

• Stupidity-Imaged Service Names & Locations

• Try Gamma House

• Asylum- & Protection-Imaged Service Names

• Service Names That Suggest Hopelessness or That Clients Are "Going Nowhere"

• Craziness-Imaging or Crazy-Imaged Service Names

• Names of Work Services That Trivialize or Negate the Work Message

• Other Service Names That are Self-Contradictory & Send Mixed or Disorienting Messages

• Miscellaneous or Multiply Problematic Service Names

• Failed Attempts at Positive Service Names: Sentimental, Saccharine Goody-Goody, or Overdone Language (Too Much of Either a Good or Bad Thing)

• Positive Examples of Service Names

• Peak of Achievement

• Miscellaneous Service Names & Service Language Vignette

• Where Will It All End?

• SRV-Related Resources

• Human Service-Related News

• Miscellaneous Human Service-Related News

• Mixed Blessings

• A Checklist (Sandra Martz, 1987, from When I am an Old Woman, I Shall Wear Purple)

• Developments Related to Service Organization or Administration

• A Bit of Human Service Craziness

• Human Service News on the Deviancy or Even Freakish Side

• Human Service Atrocities or Calamities

• From the Shrink & Mental World--& Which Might as Well be Under Atrocities & Calamities

• Promising or Positive Human Service News




April/June, 1995

TIPS, Volume 14, No. 6, and Volume 15, No. 1, 1995

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