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• The Animal-Imaging of Humans

• Animal-Imaging by Person-Animal Juxtaposition

• Helping Mouth

• Creating Juxtapositions Between Devalued People & Animal-Imaged Facilities

• Animal-Imaging by Bringing Effigies of Animals Into Juxtaposition With Devalued People

• Attachment of Animal Effigies to Discourse About Devalued People

• Discourse About (Devalued) People that Implies That They Are Animals

• Animal Imagery in the Names of Services to, or Service-Related Resources for, Devalued People

• Animal Imagery in the Etiquetting of Devalued People

• Symbols/Signs for/About Animals Are Juxtaposed to Symbols/Signs for/About Devalued Humans

• Animal Imagery in Other Discourse About Devalued People

• Actors Behave in a Fashion That Reveals That They View Certain People as Animals/Animalistic

• Animal-Imaging by Other, or Multiple, Means

• Will Old Watch Dogs Learn New Tricks?

• We Kick You Not!

• Conclusion to Animal Imagery

• The Social Advocacies

• The Need for Personal Advocacy

• The Need for Collective Advocacy

• The Conflict of Interest Issue

• Pie Behind the Dike

• Citizen Advocacy

• A Bureaucrat's Vision of Citizen Advocacy

• Citizen Advocacy is Like a Cup of Tea-Isn't It?

• CITIZEN ADVOCATES ARE: (article from ARC newsletter, Lincoln, NB)

• Advocacy by a Collectivity for a Collectivity

• Other Social Advocacy Forms

• Sufferers From Ingrown Toenails, Unite!

• Miscellaneous

• Perversion or Subversion of Advocacy

• How Bad Guys Respond to Good Guys

• Help Endangered Recluses to Remain Reclusive!

• Miscellaneous Human Service News



TIPS, Volume 16, No. 5, 1997

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