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• Some Issues of Linguistics in General

• Miscellaneous Generic Language Issues, Practices, or Vignettes

• Modernistic Language Degradation

• A Few Language Traps & Degradation Strategies

• Hidden Assumptions

• Violations of "Face Value"

• Code Language

• Sloganeering

• Mystification

• Euphemistic Detoxifying Discourse

• Aggrandizing Euphemication

• Positive (Craze) Term Piracy

• Deceptive Toxification/Dysphemization

• Certain Contemporary Societal & Cultural Domains in Which Ideologies Produce Language Degradation

• The Discourse of the Political Correctness Culture

• Problematic, Ridiculous or PC Language About Racial Differences

• Gender Babble

• Purple Foulmouthedness, Especially in the Media Culture

• Specific Examples of Other & Miscellaneous Contemporary Language Degradations

• Conclusion to the Generic Language Issues

• Language About & in Human Services, & About Socially Devalued (Including Impaired) People

• The Human Service Talk Game

• Human Service Code Language or Mystification

• An Orientation to Language About People

• The History of Certain Terms Referring to Societally Devalued Conditions & to Human Service

• (Ridiculous) Attempts to Pretend That Human Impairments Do Not Exist, or Do Not Matter, or Should Never be Referred to, or That an Impairment is Much Less Severe Than It Is

• Dismissing the Reality of an Impairment by Referring to Identifying Designations as Mere "Labels"

• Concealing the Nature of an Impairment Behind a Smokescreen of "Special Needs" Euphemisms

• Reinterpreting an Impairment as no More Than a Shortcoming in Accommodations by Others & the Physical Environment

• Miscellaneous Ways of Circumlocuting the Fact That Someone is What Used to be Called "Idiotic," &/or That This Has Major Problematic Life Consequences

• The Concealing of the Nature of an Impairment Behind a Smokescreen of

• Calling an Impaired Person "Challenged," "Inconvenienced," or "Disadvantaged"

• Interpreting an Impairment as an Asset

• Miscellaneous Other or Mixed Obscurantist Circumlocutions of Human Impairments

• Other Unsatisfactory, Problematic, Internally Incoherent or Even Ridiculous, Language About Human Impairments

• Using Terms, Such as "Disabled," That Signify Vastly More Impairment Than There is

• The Down's vs. Down Controversy

• The Controversy Around "Cripple" Terms

• Miscellaneous Other Problematic, Incoherent or Ridiculous Language About Human Impairment

• Other Absurdities in Defining, Naming or Describing Societally Devalued Human Characteristics & People Who Have Them

• Problematic Issues of Grammar of Discourse About Impaired or Sick People

• Problematic Formulations of "Having" Devalued Conditions

• So-called "People First" Language

• The Peculiar Phrasing That Someone is "With" a Devalued Condition

• The Delegitimization of Discourse About Devalued Conditions as Abstractions

• Other Problematic Grammatical & Word Form Formulations

• Problematic, Degraded or Even Ridiculous Language About Service Activities, Practices, or Programs

• Peculiar, Bizarre or Euphemistic Names of Service Settings & Agencies

• Peculiar-Or Even Insane--Practices in Naming Advocacy-Type and Related Organizations of or For Devalued People

• Miscellaneous Other Issues of Language & Communication About Human Impairment, Devalued Conditions, or Human Service

• Handibabble

• PC-Related or Code-Related Points

• Language Related to Syndromes or Problem Conditions

• Language About Service Practices

• Language About Servers

• Hard-to-Classify Language Points

• Miscellaneous Concluding Points

• "Counter-Discourse" by Impaired People

• The Practice of Language Coercion, Territion & Policing, & the Problems Thereof

• Spoofs of Contemporary PC & Related Language Practices

• Certain Dilemmas of Discoursing About Societally Devalued Conditions/People

• The Irrationality of Propitiation

• The Futility or Counterproductiveness of Devalued People Being Nasty to

• Those Who are Prepared to Listen to Them or Even be Their Allies

• Miscellaneous Other Dilemmas of Discoursing About Societally Devalued

• Conditions/People

• Conclusion to Issues of Language About Devalued People & Human Services

• Miscellaneous Human Service News




April/June/August/October, 1997

TIPS, Volume 16, No. 6, and Volume 17, No. 1, 2, & 3, 1997

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