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• The Abortion Scene

• Abortion: Deceitful Interpretation as Contraception

• Abortion: Other Deceits

• Abortion: Prenatal Testing

• Abortion: Supporters & Proponents

• Abortion: Opposition to It

• Abortion: Incoherent Stances

• Abortion: Miscellaneous Facts & Developments

• Abortion: The Consequences to the Mothers

• Abortion: The Societal Consequences

• Artificial Baby-Making & Related Deathmaking

• Medical Child-Killing

• Private Child-Killing & Child-Junking

• Progeny-Junking by Multiple Parties

• Suicide & Its Promotion

• "Euthanasia" Via Assisted Suicide

• The Confusion Among Suicide, Assisted Suicide, Indirect Killing & Direct Killing

• Suicide by Proxy: The Step Between Assisted Suicide & Involuntary "Euthanasia"

• Murder-Suicides Interpreted as Suicides

• The Promotion or Performance of "Euthanasia" by Physicians or Under Their Direction

• Updates on "Euthanasia" in the Netherlands

• Tissue & Organ Transplanting as a Utilitarian Motive for "Euthanasia"

• Incidences & Issues of Instituting, Terminating or Continuing Treatments & Life Supports

• Other Instances of Dangerousness in Hospitals

• Deathmaking Service Agencies

• Deathmaking In/By Medical Emergency Services

• Dangerousness in Nursing Homes & Similar Settings

• Danger to Life From Home Care Services

• Deathmaking in "Hospice" Contexts, & Other "Hospice" News

• Dangerousness in Multiple Health Care Contexts

• Health Maintenance & Managed Care Organizations as a Major Deathmaking Force

• Withdrawal of Medical Care From The Poor & Handicapped

• "Euthanasia" or Other Killings By Other Health Workers

• Other Life-Endangerments in Human Service Contexts

• "Euthanasia," Murder, or Abuse by Private Citizens

• Deathmaking by Multiple or Indeterminate Parties

• Privatization of Deathmaking

• Sympathy for the Deathmakers

• More on Advocacy For or Against Deathmaking

• Deaths of Vulnerable People from Salmonella & Other Bacteria

• Issues of Mortality of Mentally Retarded People

• Miscellaneous Other Points Related to Risks to Health or Life of Vulnerable, Devalued &/or Unwanted People

• The Danger of Being Marginalized

• Dangers From Poverty & Homelessness

• Risks From Frailty or Dependency Interacting With Other Factors

• Prison Deaths

• Unclassified Items Related to Deathmaking

• Other Issues of Utilitarianism of Deathmaking

• Deathmaking-Related Resources

• Postscript from the TIPS Proof-Reader

• New SRV Resource

• Old SRV Resource Again Available

• Miscellaneous News Related to Human Services & Health




June/August/October, 1998

TIPS, Volume 18, No. 1, 2, & 3, 1998

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