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• Introduction

• Normalization/SRV Congress

• Major SRV Resources

• Upcoming; A New Advanced SRV Workshop

• Cultural Variation in Who is Valued/Devalued

• The Generation & Perpetuation of Deviancy/Social Devaluation

• The Phenomenology of Woundedness

• Role-Valorization

• The Never-Ending Tension Between a Rights-Based Versus a Mind-Changing Approach

• to Societal Change, & Implications to SRV

• Poor Judgment in Selecting Measures to Address Societal Devaluation

• Imagery & Image Transfer: Its Reality, Power, & Related Considerations

• General Points

• Commercial & Imperial Enterprises Take Imagery & Juxtapositions Extremely Seriously

• How the Production of Certain Images or Juxtapositions Can Reveal Unconscious Assumptions or Sentiments

• Deviancy Roles & Related Images

• Deviancy-Imaging or Role-Casting as a Subhuman Object

• Via Communication Practices

• Via Locational Juxtaposition

• Via Service Worker Juxtaposition

• Via a Mixture of Channels

• Deviancy-Imaging or Role-Casting as a Sub-human or Non-human "Other"

• Via Communication Practices

• Via Service Names

• Via Fund-Raising Schemes

• Deviancy-Imaging or Role-Casting as a Menace

• Via Personal Appearance

• Via Activities

• Via Service Locations

• Via Setting History

• Via Service Facility Appearance

• Via Service Measures

• Via Social & Server Juxtapositions

• Via Names or Acronyms of Organizations, Services or Serving Devices

• Via Other Communication, Media Depictions & Fiction

• Via Other Symbols

• Via Funding & Fund-Raising Measures

• Via Miscellaneous or Other Channels

• Deviancy-Imaging or Role-Casting as an Object of Ridicule or a Trivium

• Via Service or Activity Locations

• Via Activities &/or Their Timing

• Via Juxtaposition to Clownery

• Via Symbols

• Via Activity or Program Names

• Via Funding or Charity Drives

• Deviancy-Imaging or Role-Casting as an Object of Pity or Burden of Dutiful Caretaking

• Via Agency, Service, Facility or Organization Names & Acronyms

• Via Logos & Other Symbols

• Via Funding Schemes & Charity Drives

• Miscellaneous Points & Concluding Observations

• Deviancy-Imaging or Role-Casting as an Eternal Child

• Via Social Juxtapositions

• Via Activities

• Via Communication/Interpretation

• Via Symbol Juxtaposition

• Via Legal, Administrative, Funding, or Fund-Raising Measures

• Deviancy-Imaging or Role-Casting as Being in One's Second Childhood—the "Child Once Again" Role

• Via Communication

• Via Settings

• Via Social Contacts or Juxtapositions

• Via Charity Drives

• Miscellaneous Other Age Image or Age Role Distortions

• The Specific Image Message of Madness Attached to Devalued People

• Deviancy-Imaging or Outright Vice-Imaging Via Juxtaposition to Sin, Promiscuity or Vice

• The Message That a Party is "Hopeless"

• Playing Into, & Thus Reinforcing, Pre-existing Negative Stereotypes

• Reinforcement of Negative Stereotypes Via Service or Organization Names

• Via Organizational Logos

• Via Service Setting Locations or History

• Via Service Programs & Program Materials

• Via Fund-Raising Schemes

• Via Miscellaneous Communications

• Image & Message Transmissions Via Various Channels

• The History of a Setting as a Carrier of Images to its Later Users/Occupants

• Images/Messages From the Setting Location & Setting Juxtaposition

• Messages of Negativity By the Incongruency of a Setting Site with Its Present Use

• Images From Setting Appearances

• Negative Images/Messages Due to a Party's Activities

• Linking 2 or More Devalued Conditions, Thereby Associating Them in the Minds of Beholders

• Images & Value Transfer Via Social Associations or Close Juxtaposition of People

• The Problematic Messages in Having Deviant People Serve, or Do Favors For, Other Deviant Persons

• Felons Being Sentenced to Serve Devalued People

• Convicted Criminals or Prisoners Providing Human Services or Favors For Devalued People

• People With Criminal or Prison Records Serving on Devalued People

• Menace-Imaged People Serving on Devalued Persons

• Human Service Workers Committing Crimes

• People Imaged as Incompetent Serving on Devalued Persons

• Miscellaneous Other Problematic Server Images or Identities

• The Overloading of the Public's Assimilation Capacity by Congregation of Stigmatized People

• Images/Messages Via Service Names

• Positive, Negative & Equivocal Images/Messages From Acronyms

• Miscellaneous Images/Messages Via Logos

• Negative or Positive Images/Messages From Fund-Raising

• Images/Messages Via Miscellaneous Communications

• Imaging or Role-Casting: Mixed, Multiple or Miscellaneous Forms &/Or Messages

• Freakery as a Special Domain of Deviancy Roles & Images

• Conclusion to Deviancy-Imaging & Role-Casting

• Deviancy--Miscellaneous

• Miscellaneous SRV News

• The Recurring Claim That Normalization/SRV Lack an Empirical Base

• Erroneous Interpretations of Normalization/SRV

• Societal Developments Relevant to Deviancy & SRV

• SRV & Shrinkery

• Miscellaneous Resources

• Human Service News

• Deathmaking News

• Some Signs of the Times

• Political Correctness News

• Governmental & Political Processes

• The Balkans War

• The Y2K Spectre




April/June/August/October, 1999

TIPS, Volume 18, No. 6, and Volume 19, No. 1, 2 & 3, 1999

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