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• The History, & Examples, of Genocides

• Genocide During World War II

• Genocide Under Communism

• Genocide in Contemporary Africa

• Conclusion

• Abortion

• General Comments

• Abortion in the US

• Abortion Elsewhere in the World

• The UN & Its Connection to Abortion

• Promotion of Abortion via the Media

• Opposition to Abortion

• The Damages Abortion Does to Women

• The So-Called "Morning-After," or "Plan B," or RU-486 Methods of Abortion

• In Utero Testing/Screening

• Partial Birth Abortion: & Soon After It, a Reckoning!

• Incoherence About What Constitutes the Death &/or Killing of the Unborn

• Detoxifications of Abortion

• Parental Permission for Abortion

• Artificial Baby-Making

• Early Artificial Baby-Making

• More Recent Developments

• Freezing Eggs or Sperm for Future Use

• On Sperm Donation/Selling

• What Happens to Leftover Babies Made Artificially

• What Happens to Artificially-Made Babies/Children After They Are Born

• Mismatches of Artificially Made Babies to Parents

• Picking Pre-Natally What Kind of Baby One Will Have

• Lies & Deception Around Artificial Baby-Making

• What Happens to the Parents Who Engage in Artificial Baby-Making

• Opposition to Artificial Baby-Making

• Human Cloning

• The Use of "Stem Cells," & the Connection of This Issue to Deathmaking

• The Use of Vaccines Derived From Abortion

• (Other) Deathmakings for Utilitarian Purposes

• The Organ & Transplant Business

• Miscellaneous--Mostly Non- Transplant--Other Uses of Body Parts of Unborn & Newborn Babies

• Infanticide

• Connection of Infanticide to Abortion

• Rates & Practices of Infanticide

• Opposition to Infanticide

• Conclusion

• Other Child Killing, Child "Junking," & Child "Wasting"

• Deathmaking by So-Called "Euthanasia"

• The Scene in the Land of Tulips, Chocolate & Cheese

• The Situation in the United Kingdom

• Moves to Legitimize or Even Legalize "Euthanasia" in Other Locales

• Other Advocacy of, & Support for, "Euthanasia"

• Killing of Elderly &/or Very III People

• Conclusion

• The Denial & Withdrawal of Nutrition & Liquids

• The Judicially-Approved Cold-Blooded Premeditated 2005 Murder of Terri Schiavo by Starvation/Dehydration

• Other Deathmaking in & by Health Care Settings

• Deathmaking in & by Hospitals

• Deathmaking in & by Nursing Homes

• Medical Personnel Serial Killers

• Deathmaking in & by So-Called "Hospices" for People Said to be "Dying"

• Just How "Permanent" Are "Permanent States" of lmpaired Consciousness?

• Just How Unconscious Are Unconscious States?

• The Construct of "Futility"

• The Slippery--& Sometimes Deceptive--Criteria of Death

• Definitions of Death in Order to Facilitate Cessation of Treatment

• Issues of Life & Death Decision-Making

• "Living Wills"

• Do Not Resuscitate (DNR) Orders

• Surrogate Decision Making

• Physicians Making Secret &/or Unilateral Decisions Regardless of Advance Directives

• Conclusion

• Deathmaking Via Health Maintenance/Management Organizations (HMOs)

• Deathmaking Due to Abuse, Neglect, & Other Bad Conditions in Human Services

• Intra-Familial Violence as an Expression of Societal Deathmaking

• Hostile Assaults on Impaired People by Various Other Parties

• Hostile Assaults on Impaired People by Private Citizens

• Hostile Assaults on Impaired People by Caretakers, Including Service Workers

• Suicide, Suicide "Assistance," & Their Promotion

• Suicide & Its Promotion

• Suicide "Assistance" & Its Promotion

• Detoxification of Deathmaking

• Detoxification Under the Nazis

• Detoxification of Killing in War, by the Military, & Police

• Detoxification of End of Life Killings

• Detoxification of Other Deathmakings of Unwanted People

• Miscellaneous Detoxifications

• The Role of the Media in Promoting (or Combating) Deathmaking

• The Interpretation of Animals as Equal to, or Even Better Than, Humans

• Death Alliances

• The Gulf Coast Hurricane-Related Disasters of Fall 2005

• The Lack of Futurism

• The Problem of the Self-Destructiveness, Irrationality & Decadence of the Ghetto Culture of US Urban--& Largely Racial--Poverty

• The Decadence of the Louisiana & New Orleans Culture Specifically

• The Breakdown of Civic Structures During the Gulf Disaster

• The Breakdown of Civility & Pro-Social Behavior in New Orleans

• The Weak, Sick, & Helpless During the Disaster

• The Political Correctness & Media Spin on the Breakdown of Civility & Pro-Social Behavior in New Orleans

• Some Potential Lessons For Future Disaster Planning

• The Energy Crisis Precipitated by the Gulf Disaster

• Miscellaneous Other News

• Health-Related News

• Human Service-Related News




April/June/August/October, 2005

TIPS, Volume 24, No. 6, and Volume 25, No. 1, 2 & 3, 2005

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