About This Journal


The Art of Medicine magazine aims to provide healthcare workers the opportunity to reflect and show their experiences through written and artistic representation. Anyone involved with healthcare directly or peripherally can submit pieces.


We publish written work and artistic pieces. Written work can be in the form of fiction, non-fiction, poetry, prose, etc. We do not limit submission by style. We do limit submission to less than 2,500 words. Art can be sketching, painting, photography, digital art, etc. Once again, we do not limit submission, but we ask that the files be less than 10 MB.

Editorial Board:

The review board is composed of students in the Gold Humanism Honor Society and volunteer faculty members. The board meets annually to accept submissions for publication in the annual magazine.


No patient protected information will be published. If you are sharing a story that involves a patient interaction we ask that you change all names and relevant facts. We also ask that you include the phrase, "All relevant names and certain events have been changed to protect the identity of the individuals in this writing." Any artwork involving the likeness of a patient must have written and expressed consent from that individual, otherwise it will not be allowed for publication.