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European Journal of Dentistry

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Fall 10-2014




OBJECTIVE: To evaluate mechanical and esthetic Properties of two commercially available orthodontic sealants: Opal(®)Seal (OS) and L.E.D. Pro Seal (PS).

MATERIALS AND METHODS: Discs of each sealant were prepared to test the following properties: Micro hardness, wear resistance and color stability. Samples were randomly selected after the wear test for SEM imaging to analyze surface morphology.

RESULTS: OS was significantly harder than PS (P < 0.001). PS was significantly more wear resistant than OS (P < 0.05). PS showed a greater ∆E*ab (increased staining) when placed in wine or coffee showing a significant difference (P < 0.05). SEM showed particle size, shape and distribution were different for PS and OS reflecting the pattern seen on wear surfaces.

CONCLUSION: Both orthodontic sealants are beneficial for protecting enamel. However with better wear properties PS was superior in resisting mechanical stresses. OS was more color stable.



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