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Background: Many US physicians are experiencing burnout affecting patient care quality, safety, and experience. Institutions often focus on personal resilience instead of system-level issues. Our leaders developed a novel process to identify and prioritize key system-related stressors and work to mitigate factors that negatively impact clinician wellbeing through a structured Listening Campaign.

Methods: The Listening Campaign consists of meeting with each clinician group leader, a group Listening Session, a follow up meeting with the leader, a final report, and a follow-up session. During the Listening Session, clinicians engage in open discussion about what is going well, complete individual reflection worksheets and identify one “wish” to improve their professional satisfaction. Participants rate these wishes to assist with prioritization.

Results: As of January 2020, over 200 clinicians participated in 20 listening sessions. One-hundred twenty-two participants completed a survey; 80% stated they benefited from participation and 83% would recommend it to others.

Conclusion: Collecting feedback from clinicians on their experience provides guidance for leaders in prioritizing initiatives and opportunities to connect clinicians to organizational resources. A Listening Campaign is a tool recommended for healthcare systems to elicit clinician perspectives and communicate efforts to address systemic factors.




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