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Front Row:

A. Mann, F. Protzman, J. George, P. Ekart, R. Owen, J. Coe, P. Pratt, N. Knosp, R. Delfs, D. Kelley, Dean Poynter, Josephine Chamberlin, R. Conry, R. Cassel, L. Winter, E. Schlichtemeier, S. Turkel, J. Wahl, D. Christie, J. O’Connor, G. Pester, M. L. Murphy

Second Row:

N. Halley, F. Vrtiska, J. Mansour, D. White, J. Newkirk, E. Young, C. McWhorter, G. Miller, E. Phelps, J. Vincent, R. Cowger, A. Friesen, N. Green, F. Larson, S. Snyder, E. Chappell, R. Smith, P. Getscher, F. Peters, E. Johnson, G. Warner, H. Baker

Third Row:

G. DeMay, G. Dean, H. Pitcaithley, W. Meier, B. Miller, J. Graham, A. Jessen, S. Truhlsen,, G. McMurtry, R. Camp, J. Stemper, L. Pfeifer, B. Rees, F. Townley, W. Bosley, D. Nilsson

Fourth Row:

R. Marvel, G. Larson, H. Liston, E. Falloon, L. Coppoc, J. Kovarik, L. Placek, J. Wiedman, W. Rumbolz, R. Barr, G. Alevezos, K. Browne, L. Olson, R. Anderson, R. Nisley, W. Cotton

Back Row:

F. Spellman, W. Chute, J. Snyder, C. Root, E. Lyman, J. Gill, C. Walvoord

Not in Picture:

R. Condon, J. Kuppinger, R. Worden, E. Zikmund


Composites are produced by the College of Medicine. There may be graduating students not pictured or listed.