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In a small mixed methods study, nursing behaviors related to infection control were evaluated as nurses participated in a video recorded patient care simulation. The scenario asked the nurse to care for a patient in both airborne and contact isolation precautions with small high definition cameras mounted in a real hospital room. The patient was simulated by a live actor with an artificial intravenous line. The simulation scenario asked the nurse to assess their patient and give them some pain medication. The simulation experience was followed by a Think Aloud session while participants watched their individual simulation performance. The session was audio recorded and then transcribed for qualitative analysis. In an effort to determine how physical restrictions or personal characteristics impacted nursing behaviors, participants were asked to complete a demographic survey and complete a range of motion demonstration in front of a video camera before the study session ended. Nursing behaviors noted in the video recordings and insights from the nurses in the Think Aloud sessions will be reviewed in relation to these determinants of behavior. Frequent errors in donning and doffing occur in spite of personal experiences with exposure. The errors seen in most participants did not correlate with range of motion issues such as joint mobility or flexibility. Educational interventions for nurses at the bedside may need to address common misconceptions in isolation care processes.

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