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Master of Public Health



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Lynette Smith

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Christopher Wichman

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Aaron Yoder


The goal of this project was to illustrate the spread of COVID-19 tests, cases, and deaths within the state of Nebraska and identify non-random clusters using a spatial-temporal model. This project is pertinent and innovative, as few spatial-temporal models in the United States revolving around COVID-19 offer information at the county, let alone, the state level. De-identified data was extracted from the State of Nebraska’s Department of Health and Human Services COVID-19 dashboard, transformed and prepared for analysis using SAS coding language. Clusters were identified though SaTScan software using a space-time permutation model. The model identified 5 different clusters related to cases and deaths, as well as 3 clusters linked to tests. The majority of the identified clusters could be explained by outbreaks in Nebraska meat-packing communities or long-term care facilities. This project offers insight on how COVID-19 impacted Nebraska communities and explains how the pandemic evolved throughout 2020.

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