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Master of Public Health


Health Promotion

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Brandon Grimm, PhD, MPH

Second Committee Member

Shannon Maloney, PhD

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Amy Schlichting, MS, MA


Loneliness has been considered a public health epidemic affecting people across the world. Elderly populations have historically been considered most at risk for loneliness, but it is becoming evident that loneliness is not so selective. Younger generations show more signs and symptoms of loneliness than older generations. This often overlooked condition is attributable to decreased mental and physical health and can weaken performance in the workplace.

This capstone project creates a concise curriculum addressing loneliness for dissemination in the workplace, ensuring appropriate health literacy for the priority population. Understanding the pervasive nature of loneliness, identifying symptoms, and methods to counteract the effects of loneliness form the foundational topics for the curriculum. Appropriate and engaging education could help reduce the prevalence of loneliness and create social norms for openly discussing this root issue that influences many other health problems, while improving workplace performance and job satisfaction.