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Introduction: Testicular torsion is a urologic emergency that requires prompt medical evaluation and surgical intervention. The length of time from onset of the torsion to evaluation in the emergency department is often delayed due to lack of knowledge of the urgency of the situation amongst boys and their caregivers. We hypothesize that an animated educational video will increase awareness of the condition and prompt urgent evaluation in the emergency department.

Methods: A 5-minute animated educational video was created following a boy, Danny, as he develops testicular torsion. Four population groups: boys, parents, school nurses, and pediatricians, completed group-specific pre- and post-video questionnaires to assess the educational value of the video.

Results: In total, 670 parents, 376 school nurses, 42 pediatricians, and 28 boys met inclusion criteria and completed pre- and post-video questionnaires. Parents, boys, and school nurses showed significant change in pre- and post-video responses to scenarios, with 21.5% of parents before and 77.8% after responding that they would go directly to the ED (p pp<.0001).

Conclusion: An animated educational video on testicular torsion can be used to raise awareness for boys and their caregivers of the urgent nature of acute scrotal pain, decreasing the time from onset of pain to evaluation in the emergency department.