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Effective diabetes prevention and management relies on nutritional behaviors, thus a basic level of health knowledge is important for patients with diabetes and their caregivers in their quest to acquire acute glycemic control and minimize negative health outcomes (Ley et al., 2014). The purpose of this study was to assess the nutrition-related health knowledge of patients living with diabetes who are seen at the UNMC Sharing Clinic by use of a verbal questionnaire. This nutritional health knowledge assessment was a quantitative, prospective, survey-based study utilizing descriptive statistics. Approximately 86% of patients were proficient in food group and nutritious foods knowledge but only 57%, 44%, and 29% of patients were proficient in the categories of meal timing, hypoglycemia safety, and carbohydrate counting respectively. These results suggest there is significant room for nutritional education that could positively impact chronic disease state management as well as glycemic safety in Sharing Clinic patients.