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Master of Public Health


Health Promotion

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Fabio A. Almeida, PhD, MSW

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Brandon Grimm, PhD, MPH

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Jen Anderson DNP, RN


Abstract: Heart disease has been a leading cause of death since the early 1900s (Heron & Anderson, 2016). Americans are at higher risk for heart disease if they have high blood pressure, high cholesterol, are overweight, inactive, and smoke, among other risk factors (CDC, 2019). If a person already has heart disease or has had a cardiac intervention (such as a stent), they may be referred to a local cardiac rehab program. Bryan Health in Lincoln, NE, currently offers two methods of delivering cardiac rehab: in-person or home-based. Research has not yet been done to assess enrollment facilitators and barriers specific to Bryan Health’s cardiac rehab programs. The fact that heart disease has been a leading cause of death for this long solidifies the importance of decreasing barriers and increasing cardiac rehab enrollments. Bryan Health’s cardiac rehab program, other Nebraska cardiac rehab program sites, and cardiac patients would all benefit from learning the results of this study.

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