Document Type

Capstone Experience

Graduation Date


Degree Name

Master of Public Health


Health Services Research & Administration

First Committee Member

David Palm, PhD

Second Committee Member

Stephen Peters, M.A.

Third Committee Member

Hector Leguillow, LNHA


This capstone project looks at overall job satisfaction comparison between two groups of Certified Nursing Assistants (CNAs) – CNAs who provide home care in patients’ homes and CNAs who provide care in Long-term Care (LTC) facilities in the Omaha Metropolitan Area. In this quantitative study, a survey was sent to CNAs who provide home care to patients and CNAs who provide patient care at different nursing home facilities in the Omaha area. Prior research has indicated that even though CNAs perform similar job duties irrespective of the work environment; they experience varying degrees of job satisfaction which could be attributed to the work environment setting. The existing literature for the satisfaction experienced by CNAs have largely relied on reviewing other research studies or by examining publicly available databases. However, in the present paper we take a first-hand approach to the satisfaction question. To elucidate on the topic, we distributed a committee approved questionnaire to six different facilities in the Omaha area and requested 40 CNAs in each category to complete the survey anonymously. Based on the literature in the field and consistent with their findings, our hypothesis was that the CNAs who provide care at patients’ home experience greater job satisfaction compared to CNAs who provide patient care at a LTC facility. After analyzing the survey responses from the CNAs in both settings, the data indicated that CNAs who provide care in patients’ homes, i.e., Home Care, reported more overall job satisfaction compared to CNAs who provide patient care at a LTC facility such as a nursing home.