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Master of Public Health


Health Promotion

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Dr. Dejun Su

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Dr. Melissa Tibbits

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Nicole Giron, MPH


This project is a satisfaction evaluation of the Adult Night program offered to people 21+ with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities (I/DD) through the Munroe-Meyer Institute’s Recreation Therapy Department. Historically, people with I/DD face health disparities that impact all areas of their lives. Recreation therapy for I/DD populations could address and minimize access to and quality of care gaps. Current research on recreation therapy programs lacks generalizability and evaluation of non-specific recreation therapy programs for people of any age with I/DD. This project intends to fill that research gap and provide the first evaluation data of the program for the organization. Data was gathered through two surveys of 52 participants (written) and 27 caregivers (email). The surveys asked open-ended qualitative questions as well as closed-ended quantitative questions. The surveys can also be used over several years to collect additional cross-sectional data for further comparison and evaluation. The data from the surveys provided insight into what portions of the program are working well for the intended community and what could be changed or improved based on feedback from the program participants and their caregivers. It was found that both participants and caregivers were satisfied overall with the Adult Night program, felt safe during the program, and appreciated the opportunities the program provides. Caregivers felt their participants’ emotional and physical health, social skills, and confidence all improved due to Adult Night. There were few suggestions for changes in the program, but one major theme was participants and caregivers wanting more Adult Night opportunities.

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