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Master of Public Health


Health Services Research & Administration

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Dr. David Palm

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Dr. Melanie Cozad

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Sandra Rose, RT


Healthcare costs have become a significant concern for patients, healthcare facilities, economists, and politicians within the United States. In an effort to understand and reduce health-related costs, price transparency laws were enacted at the beginning of 2021. Because of these new laws, hospitals must provide a price transparency tool for their patients. “Price transparency in healthcare makes pricing information more readily available, defines the value of services, and enables patients and other care purchasers to identify, compare, and choose providers that offer the desired level of value” (AAMC, 2022). However, research results on price transparency tools use and efficacy is mixed. This study aims to analyze the utilization of the Nebraska Medicine price transparency tool through website traffic data. Information will be extracted from a third-party marketing tool, SEMRush, to determine how the local population is using the tool. The findings of this study may inform the prices of future services, help the hospital prioritize services, make inferences about health trends across the state, and prepare the organization for an increasingly competitive healthcare field.