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Master of Public Health



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Sharon Medcalf, PhD

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Keith Hansen, MBA

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Sarah Meade, DPT

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Michelle Strong, PhD


Physical activity is one of the modern hallmarks for good health in individuals and the public, in general. Resiliency is a growing concentration in all levels of disaster preparedness where the focus is on how to deal with the growing number of disasters stemming from global climate change. This research project’s aim is to look at the possible relationships between physical activity and resiliency in a rural Nebraska population. This was done with the use of a cross-sectional study utilizing a fifteen-question survey to gather demographics, assess the amount of physical activity, and then apply a perception of resilience tool called the Brief Resilience Scale (BRS) in Box Butte County, Nebraska. The survey link was open from September 1st, 2022, to September 30th, 2022. This resulted in 57 respondents from the general population of Box Butte County, Nebraska.

The survey results indicated a positive association with types of physical activity, the average amount of weekly physical activity, and activity tracker usage. The mean BRS score for all respondents was 3.73, with those engaging in more than 181 minutes of exercise having a mean BRS score of 3.93. More research should be done to assess correlations and cause of leisure physical activity on resiliency.