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Capstone Experience

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Master of Public Health



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Edward Peters (chair), DMD, SM, ScD, FACE

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Leslie Scofield, MPH, Instructor

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Jenenne Geske, PhD, Family Medicine


Early on in the pandemic, the medical community began noticing that men were more likely to be hospitalized, require admission to the ICU, and die of COVID-19 than women but few studies of COVID-19 make mention of gender diverse people, an often-overlooked population who may have vastly different experiences than non-gender diverse men or women. Their variations in gender and sex characteristics may also help provide further insight into which traits are protective or risk factors for this disease. This project used Poisson regression in order to analyze self-reported survey data. The major associations of interest will be between disease severity and an individual's hormone profile, primarily measured by whether they are on hormone replacement, and if applicable what kind; measures of minority stress such as closetedness; and other sex traits such as presence of gonads.

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