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Capstone Experience

Graduation Date


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Master of Public Health


Health Promotion

First Committee Member

Shireen Rajaram

Second Committee Member

Melissa Tibbits

Third Committee Member

Mary Katherine Rand


In this capstone project, I created a program evaluation plan and conducted preliminary analysis for the Mar􏰀 Parrish Center􏰁s (MPC) transitional housing (TH), rapid-rehousing (RRH), and joint TH/RRH programs for survivors of interpersonal violence and their families. The intent of the project is: (1) to better understand the impact of MPC housing programs; (2) to inform strategies for continuous improvement in client outcomes, access, and satisfaction; (3) to further evaluation capacity for the organization; and (4) to generate practice-based evidence to inform the field at large. As a practitioner in the field of interpersonal violence and former MPC staff member, I utilized principles of community-based participatory research in working closely with the organization to produce all project deliverables, which include a logic model, data dictionary, data summary, data analysis guide, and past-client survey. The preliminary findings of the two- part quantitative study showed that MPC programs were effective in helping clients achieve safe, permanent housing. The second part of the study will explore further outcomes related to housing stability, health and wellbeing, revictimization, and access to community resources, as 􏰂ell as evaluate clients􏰁 e􏰃periences and satisfaction with MPC programs. Recommendations for data dissemination and future reporting are also offered.