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Master of Public Health



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Dr. Edward Peters

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Dr. Shinobu Watanabe- Galloway

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Elizabeth Lyden



Objective: To evaluate whether vaping or using e-cigarettes is associated with the use of traditional substances, such as cigarettes, alcohol, and marijuana.

Methods: Using data from the Monitoring the Future surveys, a multivariable logistic regression model was performed, and prevalent odds ratio were calculated to evaluate the association between vaping and traditional substances.

Results: Vaping use among U.S. adolescents and teenagers was found to be an associated with use of traditional substances (cigarette use [OR]= 6.36 [CI]= 4.84, 8.38; alcohol use [OR]=5.80 [CI]= 5.28, 6.38; and marijuana use [OR]= 7.77 [CI]= 6.95, 8.70).

Conclusion: This study will assist with defining the relationship between vaping and traditional substances of abuse as well as inform the prevalence of vaping and traditional substance abuse. Future studies should aim to understand the sociocultural and peer influences surrounding vape and traditional substance abuse.