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Master of Public Health


Environmental, Agricultural & Occupational Health

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Risto Rautiainen, PhD

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Aaron Yoder, PhD

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Matthew W. Nonnenmann, PhD, CIH


Workplace injuries and illnesses have continued to decrease significantly through increased regulations, awareness, and technological advances. These enhancements are not enough to continue to drive these rates lower. A robust safety culture within an organization is required to truly affect change that will continue to diminish the occurrence of injuries and illnesses within the workplace. This project seeks to define the key aspects and elements that are fundamental to a culture of safety as a top priority amongst competing demands. The foundations of a robust safety culture were identified through a systematic literature review, a site comparison example of safety performance outcomes, the development of a survey tool, and training development. Management commitment or a similar term is the element that appears to be most important to developing and maintaining a robust safety culture. Safety culture is one of the best predictors of a company's safety performance outcomes.