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Capstone Experience

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Master of Public Health


Health Services Research & Administration

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Stephen M. Peters, MA

Second Committee Member

Rachel Lookadoo, JD

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Michelle Strong, PhD, MPH


In 2022, California passed a legislative bill, SB 1338: the Community Assistance, Recovery, and Empowerment (CARE) Act, which created a new statewide procedure for treating mentally ill homeless adults diagnosed with psychotic disorders through a court-ordered CARE plan. SB 1338 intends to alleviate the mental health and homeless crisis. This capstone project provides an early assessment of SB 1338 using a modified formative policy evaluation methodology, including a scoping literature review and applying a policy assessment using the CDC's Policy Evaluation Framework. A stakeholder survey was also applied to gather stakeholders' perspectives on SB 1338. The literature review supported the stakeholders' perspectives that SB 1338 is a complex process and uncovers potential limitations to the policy that may detract from SDH and equitability. Moreover, this review modestly validates that SB 1338 is another ambitious policy that may increase complexity toward avenues of treatment while applying a judicial structural process that may not resolve the root cause of mental illness and homelessness. This work endeavored to contribute valuable insights to the ongoing policy discourse, fostering evidence-based decision-making. Understanding SB 1338 and the elements of MHCs can influence future policy changes to achieve equitability of mental health programs.

Available for download on Wednesday, February 05, 2025