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Introduction: Youth and young adult vaping is rapidly rising within the United States, and is approaching epidemic levels. Vaping has been marketed as a safe alternative to smoking, however, there has been clear negative health effects of vaping. Modern day vaping interventions targeting this population remain limited. With the rapid rise of vaping and the negative health effects, tested interventions are needed. This protocol research paper defines the background and methodology behind the registered clinical trial entitled Incentive-based and media literacy-informed approaches to improve vaping cessation among young adult: a pilot study protocol.

Methods: This protocol research paper will describe the methods of a four arm clinical trial of vaping cessation interventions. The study will include 80 participants aged 19-29 with e-cigarette use and a desire to quit within the next month in Nebraska. The four arms will include a text-message support group, a media literacy and text-message support group, a financial incentive and text-message support group, and a combined group of all interventions. A one month preparation to quit phase and a two month abstinence phase will be included. The primary outcome measure of vaping cessation will be measured through saliva testing at weeks 6, 8, 10, and 12. Survey data, financial cost analysis, and exit interview data will also be collected. Descriptive statistics of demographics will be provided. Generalized linear mixed models will be conducted for primary and secondary outcome variables.

Discussion: With the rise in vaping among youth and young adults, interventions to curb the current vaping epidemic in the United States are needed more than ever. This clinical trial will provide useful information regarding a modern day vaping intervention approach. This data may be useful to researchers and public health practitioners aiming to induce vaping cessation or cessation of other substances.

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