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Master of Public Health


Health Services Research & Administration

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David Palm, PhD

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Dana Verhoeven

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Bradley Pfeifer


When the COVID-19 Public Health Emergency ended in May of 2023, Medicaid began the process of redetermination across the states and returned to its original eligibility rules. Because of this, the healthcare status of many Americans was affected, resulting in the loss of healthcare coverage for millions of people. Of those who have lost coverage, children make up almost half of the total. This paper assesses the negative effects of Medicaid redetermination on children and other underserved populations in communities across the four states in Region 7 (Nebraska, Iowa, Missouri, and Kansas) and identifies programs that these states can implement to minimize the loss of coverage. Qualitative data was collected and analyzed through a scoping literature review followed by various policy and program analyses. The results of this study reveal the impact of the Medicaid redetermination on underserved populations among Region 7 states and promote programs or policies that could lessen negative impacts. The outcome of this Capstone Project provides an understanding of the negative implications of Medicaid coverage loss due to redetermination and how Region 7 states can promote continued coverage post-pandemic.