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Master of Public Health


Health Promotion

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Fabiana Brito, PhD, MSPH, BSN

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Melissa Tibbits, PhD

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Rachel Ray, MA


The National Core Indicators (NCI) surveys are conducted annually across the United States, including Nebraska. Individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities and/or their guardians are surveyed to learn more about their experiences and the quality of their services and lives (National Core Indicators- IDD, 2023). However, the data is only useful when understood and applied to make informed decisions to improve the lives of those with intellectual and developmental disabilities (McDonald et al., 2013). This project designed and developed two data dashboards for the state of Nebraska that publicly track, analyze and display the NCI survey results. The In-Person Survey dashboard provides a comprehensive review of the data collected from the NCI survey, while the User- Friendly data dashboard reflects a prioritized subset of data in a simplified format. The dashboards not only allow for more transparency of the survey findings but will help to inform future decisions by policymakers as well as provide data for stakeholders and those advocating for systems change to improve the lives and services of those with intellectual and developmental disabilities in the state of Nebraska.

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