Graduation Date

Fall 12-15-2023

Document Type


Degree Name

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)


Applied Behavior Analysis

First Advisor

Tara Fahmie


The current study assessed the feasibility of a laboratory model designed to evaluate options for mitigating common caregiver errors in the implementation of destructive behavior treatment. We developed a computer-based analogue to caregiver implementation of extinction for attention-maintained destructive behavior; the model included contingencies on both caregiver errors of commission and adherence to the treatment protocol. We also conducted a preliminary investigation of the effects of participant access to alternative activities as a potential strategy for mitigating integrity errors. Participants included 14 MTurk workers or staff in a severe behavior clinic, and individual response patterns revealed distinct sensitivities to the positive and negative reinforcers programmed in the model. These data support further use of the laboratory model to explore strategies to improve the implementation of behavioral treatment.


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