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Presentation date

Summer 8-12-2021

College, Institute, or Department


Faculty Mentor

Jacqueline Nelson

Research Mentor

Johnson Vitharikunnil John


This poster explores the use hemostatic nanofiber objects for treatment of non-compressible junctional hemorrhages by creating internal compression. Building upon previous studies changes were made to the method of producing nanofiber objects that is convertible to large-scale production. This poster also explores the use of nanofiber microspheres for tissue repair and regenerative applications. Two methods were explored in the use of electrospraying with and without adding air to the solution to adjust porosity of the microspheres. Both studies contained the use of electrospinning nanofibers and crosslinking of materials to adjust desired properties.


Nanofiber, Hemostatic Nanofiber, Junctional Hemorrhage, Microspheres, crosslink, electrospray, electrospin, electrospinning, Taylor cone

Large-scale Preclinical Swine Study Using Engineered Hemostatic Nanofiber Objects for the Treatment of Junctional Hemorrhage; Nanofiber Microspheres for Directing Cellular Growth and Response