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Pharmaceutical Sciences

Faculty Mentor

Dr. Paul Trippier

Research Mentor

Aarfa Queen, MD Shafikur Rahman, Angie Carmona, Hamden Al Refaei


Neurolysin (Nln) is a neutral metalloendopeptidase, which is an enzyme that breaks down peptide bonds in amino acids whilst ultilizing a metal catalyst1. Nln inactivates several neuro/cerberotoxic neuropeptides such as neurotensin, substance P, and bradykinin2. These neuropeptides can cause harm to the brain as they respond to inflammation during an ischemic stroke3,4. The peptides generated by Nln are neuro/cerebroprotective which aids in its ability to protect the brain in an ischemic stroke victim2. The goal of our lab is to discover a potent neurolysin activator in order to develop a drug that protect victims from brain damage and disability following an ischemic stroke. To begin this process, our lab successfully designed, synthesized, and established the structure-activity relationships of several potential neurolysin activators via a preliminary neurolysin activation assay on several targeted compounds. Secondary amine analogs were created and synthesized to test their neurolysin activation potential. The goals of this experiment are to resynthesize these compounds to gather additional NMR and HPLC data and to optimize the reaction to obtain a pure compound with a substantial yield.


Organic Synthesis, Neurolysin, Stroke Treatment, Cancer Treatment, Drug Development

Synthesis of Neurolysin Modulators for Stroke and Cancer Treatment