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Jane Meza PhD

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Kendra Schmid PhD

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Jerry Zimmerman MD, PhD


Despite reductions in sepsis mortality, there remains a substantial morbidity burden among children who survive sepsis. Furthermore, the majority develop multiple organ ‘group has historically been analyzed as a single cohort. Using the Life After Pediatric Sepsis Evaluation (LAPSE) investigation database, we studied the association of new and progressive multiple organ dysfunction syndrome (NPMODS) with morbidity and mortality among children with septic shock. We hypothesized that NPMODS represents a distinct phenotype based on evolving organ dysfunction. There was evidence of an association but it did not reach the 0.05 level of significance. We also hypothesized and confirmed that children with acute neurological dysfunction have greater functional deterioration and mortality compared to other organ dysfunctions. In addition, an expanded definition of acute neurological dysfunction identified a larger cohort of patients with similar functional deteriorations that are both clinically and statistically significant.