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Diabetes continues to be a significant health problem for Americans, including Nebraskans. The National Diabetes Prevention Program has designed a course for individuals with prediabetes to implement lifestyle changes and reduce their risk for developing diabetes. Although Elkhorn Logan Valley Public Health Department (ELVPHD) has offered this course for a few years, they have struggled to enroll enough participants for CDC recognition. The purpose of this project was to work with ELVPHD to develop a provider referral network for the National Diabetes Prevention Program (DPP) courses offered by the health department. In establishing this network, the goal was to increase participation and allow for state and national recognition of the program within the health department’s jurisdiction. Establishing the referral network was accomplished through informational sessions held with area primary care providers describing the program and asking for input on referral methods. Pre and post session surveys were sent to providers to assess knowledge, willingness to refer, and views on potential referral systems. An additional goal of this project was to determine pre diabetes prevalence within clinics, counties, and the overall jurisdiction. This goal was approached through contacting clinics and asking for a query of medical records indicating pre diabetes diagnoses. Querying of medical records was intended to provide clinics with lists of eligible patients, allow for baseline prevalence data to be shared with the health department for analysis of their NDPP course impact on pre diabetes and to demonstrate the burden of pre diabetes, and to provide insight into target subpopulations through examination of sociodemographic information.

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