The following checklist is a guide for authors preparing manuscripts for submission to TSO:

Content Guidance

  • Ensure the manuscript clearly addresses occupation and translational science
    • Translational science aspires to translate research findings to practical health applications that benefit patients and communities. It entails trans-disciplinary collaboration to speed the development and implementation of novel therapies, diagnostic tools, and disease preventive measures to enhance health outcomes and reduce disease burden.
    • The knowledge translation takeaway section should describe planned or current actionable steps and strategies used to translate knowledge to practice.
  • Describe how knowledge users were included or consulted
    • Knowledge users include those involved in the project and those who will benefit from project results.
  • Write a single paragraph plain language summary (PLS) of no more than 150 words
    • The PLS paragraph includes short sentences describing research in reader-friendly language.
    • Include the PLS as a separate paragraph along with the abstract in the abstract box in the online submission form.

Style Guidance

  • Use the 7th edition of the American Psychological Association publication manual to format text and references with the following exceptions:
    • Use 11-point Calibri font
    • Single-space the text; double space between paragraphs
    • Embed tables and figures in the text
  • Write in active voice
  • Use gender neutral pronouns according to SAGER guidelines
  • Refer to the Types of Submissions for details regarding word count, number of tables/figures, and suggested headings
  • Add line numbers to the manuscript for peer review
  • Submit the manuscript as a single Microsoft Word document or Rich Text Format file
  • Remove information that would identify the author(s)
  • Include a link in the manuscript to the original data repository (where possible)
  • Submit additional (supplemental) files after the manuscript is submitted

Note: Manuscripts are published as they are submitted (limited copy editing).