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Background: House officers’ ability to participate in research and quality improvement projects can be hindered by barriers, including lack of time, mentoring, and resources.

Objective: Create a collaborative for house officers that provides readily accessible resources in study design as well as data collection, analysis, interpretation, and presentation.

Methods: In 2017, we established a collaborative comprised of biostatisticians and an Associate Dean for Graduate Medical Research, providing a trove of experience in research and quality improvement. We worked closely with the Institutional Review Board and Electronic Health Records Core to simplify the process for house officers to utilize these research resources. The collaborative has weekly small group meetings to discuss new projects/updates and monthly large group meetings where house officers can present their ideas for additional feedback from peers and additional faculty. These formats are flexible, which allows us to tailor our assistance to the needs of each individual project.

Results: In the first year since establishing the collaborative, we have received 51 project concepts from 44 house officers. Of the projects needing assistance (n=44), 100% were discussed in one of our weekly meetings and received assistance from the collaborative, and 34% presented at our large monthly meeting. A year into the collaborative, 20% of projects are either in the data analysis phase or have already been presented.

Conclusion: As evidenced by the number of projects we received in our first year, there is a significant benefit for this type of collaborative resource to support and stimulate successful scholarly activity in house officers.




Scholarly Activity, Resident Research, Collaborative

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