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An overview of Men’s Health Clinics offering Testosterone Therapy in a Midwest State.

Introduction/ Background – Since 2001, there has been a 300% increase in the use of Testosterone therapy. However, there remains limited published data on the demographics of facilities and providers that advertise this service. This study aims to look at such demographics of advertised Men’s health clinics in Nebraska.

Methods/ Materials – An internet search was conducted with the phrases “Nebraska Male health clinics, Nebraska Low T/testosterone, Nebraska Hormone Replacement Therapy”. All clinics that were found offering Testosterone therapy with Men’s health in their mission statement were included. Data was gathered using 6 questions, with answers obtained from the public website or by calling the office.

Results – 19 different facilities were found that self-identified as Men’s Health clinics. 5/19 facilities were nationally corporate owned, 13/19 were individually owned, and 1 was an academic university. All offered Testosterone Therapy. Of the 19 facilities, 10/19 branded themselves primarily as Men’s Health Clinics. 6/10 out of those offered testosterone therapy, Plasma infusion, and Penile Shockwave Therapy. Those that offered services other than Men’s health were marketed as Medical Spas and Aesthetic centers, offering hormone replacement therapy, aesthetics, and anti-aging treatments. 10/19 Clinics had no MD listed and visits would be with a mid-level provider (NP or PA). Only 1/19 provided prices online, others required consultation before prices would be given. Of the 19 facilities, only 6 accept insurance and the rest are cash-pay clinics only.

Conclusions – Of the Nebraska clinics that self-identify as men’s health clinics, many are individually owned clinics with a focus on hormone replacement or aesthetics. Of those clinics, many were run entirely by mid-levels or with a supervising MD overseeing mid-levels. Less than 1/3rd of facilities accept insurance and there is a lack of price transparency.




Testosterone, TRT, Testosterone replacement therapy, Urology, Men's Health, Men's Health Clinic, Male Health Clinic

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Services offered by Male Health Clinics

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Ownership demographics of men's health clinics

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Supervising medical provider at men's health clinics



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