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Higher Education | Medicine and Health Sciences


Empowering novice authors, particularly trainees and learners, this perspective piece integrates a cross-disciplinary approach to bolster scholarly dissemination at medical conferences. Through a tripartite methodology — Innovate, Implement, and Influence — the article first delves into innovation, offering four essential heuristics sourced from diverse fields, guiding the germination of ideas. Next, it demystifies the transformation of these ideas into research abstracts through a structured blueprint. The finale encompasses strategies to create compelling presentations that resonate with audiences. Woven throughout is an emphasis on craftsman-like precision in idea execution, fostering relationships, and engaging genuinely with content while maintaining audience-centricity. This blueprint conveys that scholarly dissemination, approached with meticulousness and collaborative spirit, is the cornerstone of healthcare innovation.




Scholarly activity, medical education, conference presentation; beginner scholars; trainees

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Figure 1.jpeg (430 kB)
Tripartite Methodology for Scholarly Dissemination in Medical Conferences - The Three I's: Innovate, Implement, Influence

Figure 2.jpeg (1071 kB)
Five Steps for Idea Preparation

Figure 3.jpeg (1024 kB)
Blueprint for Writing Research Abstracts for Conference Submission.

Figure 4.jpeg (1097 kB)
Poster Design: Crafting an Effective Graphical Abstract.

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Supplemental Material



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