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The prostatic utricle is a remnant of the Müllerian duct located within the verumontanum. An enlarged, clinically significant prostatic utricle has classically been associated with hypospadias. Prostatic utricles often present with persistent lower urinary tract symptoms, recurrent infections, and urinary incontinence. We present a prostatic utricle that presented as a scrotal mass concerning for rhabdomyosarcoma in a male with normal external genitalia.




prostatic utricle, scrotal mass, rhabdomyosarcoma, utricle

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Figure1..png (316 kB)
Midline scrotal lesion, separate from the testicles and cord structures.

Figure2..png (979 kB)
Imaging results. A) Midline sagittal US showing an intrascrotal, extratesticular mass extending toward midline pelvis & B) MRI pelvis showing heterogeneously enhancing mass centered in the region of the prostate with cystic extension into the scrotum.

Figure3..png (296 kB)
Mass dissected to bulbar urethra.



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