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Background and Objectives: Students’ perception of the educational setting is an important source for improving and applying changes to the medical educational environment. This study aimed to determine how medical students perceive the important factors of the learning environment in Internal Medicine at a rural affiliated teaching hospital.

Methods: This was a descriptive study carried out in the Department of Medicine, Sakon Nakhon Hospital, Thailand, from May 2021 to April 2023. Sixth-year medical students completed a validated Internal Medicine Education Environment Measure (IMEEM) questionnaire at the end of four weeks of learning the Clerkship Internal Medicine course.

Results: A total of 48 sixth-year medical students were enrolled, male 27 (56.3%) and female 21 (43.7%). The mean age was 23.56±0.50 years. No significant difference in satisfaction was observed between genders in all aspects, including Course (P=0.674), Teaching (P=0.986), Teacher (P=0.425), Supporting factors (P=0.216), and Social relationship (P=0.074). The average satisfaction scores (4.64–4.83 for males and 4.56-4.81 for females) were at the highest level across all aspects. The highest mean satisfaction score was rated in the Course aspect (4.81-4.83), while the lowest was in the Social relationship aspect (4.56-4.64).

Conclusion: There was no gender difference in the highest level of satisfaction found in the medical educational environment measurement for medical students studying Internal Medicine at this rural affiliated teaching hospital.




Medical student, Perception, Internal Medicine, Educational environment

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Figure 1.pdf (109 kB)
Perceptual mean scores among medical students

Table 1.pdf (107 kB)
Demographic characteristics of the participants

Table 2.pdf (139 kB)
Perceptual mean scores as the Course aspect

Table 3.pdf (119 kB)
Perceptual mean scores as the Teaching aspect

Table 4.pdf (139 kB)
Perceptual mean scores as the Teacher aspect

Table 5.pdf (145 kB)
Perceptual mean scores as the Supporting factor aspect

Table 6.pdf (143 kB)
Perceptual mean scores as the Social relationship aspect



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