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Background: The Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME) common and specialty program requirements stipulate that residents/fellows participate in scholarly activities. The ACGME provides a reporting template tool for scholarly activity to be utilized by all specialties for evaluation annually. In this study, we aimed to: 1) Conduct a content analysis of the specialty scholarly activity requirements for all ACGME-accredited training programs to identify commonalities and variations, and 2) Assess alignment between the specialty scholarly activity requirements and the reporting template tool provided by the ACGME.

Methods: The scholarly activity requirements for all ACGME-accredited residency and fellowship specialties in the United States were reviewed. Three authors reviewed these requirements and reached consensus on a codebook. Using a content analytic approach, the requirements were then iteratively coded by two authors and reviewed by a third author until all three reached consensus. Frequency counts were analyzed using descriptive statistics. The verbiage in the requirements was also reviewed for alignment with the ACGME reporting template tool.

Results: Several requirements were similar across various specialties; for example, 69% of specialties use the verbiage, “participate in research.” However, many differences exist among specialties and among fellowships within the same specialty. Fellowships more frequently emphasized teaching or publishing. Some of the specialty requirements and the ACGME reporting template tool were misaligned.

Conclusion: The variability in requirements among the programs allows for flexibility; however, some of the stated scholarly activity requirements may not be easily assessed with the current ACGME reporting template tool.




Residency, Fellowship, Scholarly Activity, ACGME

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